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 Posted: Thu May 11th, 2017 04:32 pm
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James C.


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Here are some more that might be of interest. I wish I had more identifying information. These ones were taken four years before I was born, but I will post some later trips. I also have a two foot gauge tie that was Dad's. I am not sure if it is a tram tie or one from a mine tram. I rember Dad saying that it was from Eureka. Rather this is from the Eureka Gulch on the Gilpin or from Eureka near Silverton. Problem with Eureka that is the SN in this area was 3 foot and I am unsure of any mine trams in the area (it appears that the one there was arial.) To me it looks more like a mining tram tie but perhaps some one who saw a gilpin tie could shed some light on it. L:

Jim C

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