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 Posted: Thu May 11th, 2017 07:23 am
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Really neat looking plow car Si! I love it so far, are you going to throw in a bunch of pig iron, rocks and junk iron weight? That car in particular seems to be pretty elusive in any great resolution photos of the G.T.
What color are you thinking it may have been? One of the things we can't really tell for sure is colors from the old B&W photos of the G.T. era. I guess we can all take some license in our choices somewhat as to prototypical. 
Welcome James C. Thanks for the photos, those are just a couple of years older than me, I think I first went through Gilpin county around 1971 or 1972, but not until the 1980's before I appreciated what was really there. Great photos and thanks for sharing them with us. Not a lot of Gilpin photos show up that are new (er/ish). :Salute:

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I'm a Colorado mining district afficianado. Planning a layout in HOn3 based on the Gilpin County area.
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