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 Posted: Mon Mar 20th, 2017 07:00 am
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Nope, I lied!

After I typed the last post, I realized I had forgotten to show any contemporary photos of jigs. 

This schematic is from the 1907 Colorado Iron Works Catalog, and shows the general arrangement of how a wooden box jig was laid out - this one would have been belt driven from a central steam or electric engine

These mostly intact jigs are on display next to the Couer D'Alene Mine, a restored historic display in Central City

Joe Crea and I were exploring the Pittsburg Mine and Mill (just south of Central City), and at the bottom of the ravine are some jigs. This particular one is badly decayed, but it shows that most of the jig was of wood construction, with some fairly basic metal parts - making jigs relatively easy to model

This is the inside of a jig box at the Pittsburg Mine and Mill. The metal drive mechanism and agitating equipment have been removed. In a model, you don't need to model what's going on inside the jig, since it would be filled with slurry anyway

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