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 Posted: Tue Mar 14th, 2017 08:54 am
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The passing siding will be on straight track so I really don't need to worry about overhang too much. 
Engines and cars will be short; at least that's the plan. 
I'm looking at just doing a simple oval with a few switches coming off for future expansion. 
The layout will be small and portable so curves will be on the tight side. 
I'll just have to remind the crew and any passengers to "keep your arms inside at all times." 
But, I think with 4" track centers I should be okay (famous last words).

1:35 scale is a new world for me and not use to everything being quite so large. 
Right now I have a scratch built cantina, 3 figures, 2 vehicles, motorcycle, some assorted HO track a few switches, and one ore car. 
I do have a HO Plymouth that I'm turning into some kind of funky home-built job.
With a cab just big enough to keep the engineer out of the weather.
Something along these lines:

I envision my little railroad along the lines of the Carson & Colorado, Death Valley Railroad,
along with the two-foot 'Baby Gauge', or Tonopah & Tidewater. 

Traversing desert and sagebrush...just two streaks of rust in the sand. 
Doing scenery should be extremely easy...
cover everything with sand and plop down a few clumps of brush and I'm done.

Even found a source for backdrops...aquarium backdrops.

Here's one:

16" x 36" for $11.99.  Not a bad deal.

Nye, Inyo & Esmeralda Railroad
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