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 Posted: Tue Mar 14th, 2017 02:57 am
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Is the passing siding on a curve? On a straight? Are the switches "normal" (#4, etc) or tramway types.
How wide/long are your cars/locos? And how many cars/locos are you wanting to be able to comfortably pass on a siding?
All this makes differences in the way the tracks are laid out.
I might suggest getting a loco and cars going before laying out track.
Years ago, I built a siding which was OK with a 1:35n2 Porter (On30 convert) and some Bachmann On30 V tippers/dump cars.
HOWEVER when I got a Shay and built longer/wider all went to s%^t.
I just measured the distance on the smelter siding and it was 3" center to center. A lot but nice.
You might get away with 2", all I know is to try it.
Hope this works for you.


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