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 Posted: Thu Feb 23rd, 2017 02:35 am
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Steven B

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The back bar I wanted to be ornate.  I had a couple of greco-roman columns from my HO days that have been languishing in a parts box.  There was this very nice back bar in Sonora, California that I thought might be black walnut.  It was DARK.  And... it had two columns.  There you go...

The base was two el cheapo parts from 1/48 dollhouse set.  I think they were supposed to be side boards. I filed one side of each and glued them together.  Bammo, now I needed a mirror.  I liked Doug's mirror in his barbershop so I ordered up some "BareMetal" Chrome and cut it to fit, finished out the top and there you have it, a back bar.  I added a beer barrel with a tap.  
Keep in mind this is "steam" beer.  Your history lesson - Steam beer is a western tradition.  and is basically a lager style of beer, that is brewed and stored in "warm" conditions.  "Lager" means "to store."  Lagers were stored in cool to cold places in the east and Germany.  This was a challenge in the west.  So it was brewed like a lager but was much more excitable because of the temperature.  There is no real reason that can be found as to why it was called "steam beer" except that it developed a better head due to the temperature situation.  It had a pressure like steam.  When tapped the tap was driven into the keg with a hammer.  For the uninitiated who stayed at the bar, they could get a dousing of suds.  Lo the bar keep who missed!  Steam Beer was killed by the 18th Amendment.  Today there is only one "Steam Beer" as the name was trademarked by a San Francisco brewer.  However!  We brewed a "western" beer on numerous occasions.  It was bottled and lacked the excitement of a wooden keg.

Antone, loves his bar and back bar.

More later as I progress.  Thanks for looking!

Steven B.
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