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 Posted: Thu Feb 23rd, 2017 02:22 am
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Steven B

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First the bar.  The bar is a little more elegant than many pictured in tent saloons.  I built it piece by piece basing it loosely on one that I used to sling beers on in Columbia, California. While many bars did not have a brass foot rail, this came "'round the Horn."

This is the bar I scratch built it from Evergreen.  I found it easy to bend the thin parts.  I would glue one side, let it dry and then glue it to the other side, like a veneer and then over laid it with trim.  I did the rail the same way.

You can see the construction on the bottom that I did not paint.

I built it to detail the back, but I am not sure that I will do that, nobody will be able to see it... not even a little bit.

Steven B.
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