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 Posted: Thu Feb 16th, 2017 01:41 am
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Rick S

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Lee B wrote: I don’t think I’d deal much with paper structures, except as a temporary representation for the ‘real’ structure that’s being built elsewhere.

That is why this one is being built.  I want to see not only how it will fit on the layout, but how it's going to interact visually and spatially with other objects before I build it from basswood.
As far as warpage goes, I live on a river in North Central Texas.  It gets pretty humid here, and the cardstock doesn't warp while sitting in the printer.  Maybe over a longer period of time, but for the anticipated lifespan of this structure, it should be fine.
I used cardstock for elements of the Santa Claus house I built for the Christmas layout. Most of the cardstock in that structure is reinforced with basswood or foam core board since I wanted it to last longer than one Christmas season.

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