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 Posted: Thu Feb 16th, 2017 01:12 am
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The issues I see with cardstock is that though surface texture issues have finally been addressed on the British ones I see in their magazines (some of those are amazing looking), how thick does it have to be before warping isn’t a problem?
Many layouts are in places where heat, cold and humidity play their games with a layout. With plastic of wood structures (to a lesser degree), that isn’t much of an issue. But even thick stock like Bristol or Illustration boards can warp over time. I’ve seen several people print out computer-generated structures onto cardstock, which in some cases is only as thick as two sheets of normal paper bonded together. No way that’s going to maintain right angles for very long.
With the great leaps in laser work on wood, I don’t think I’d deal much with paper structures, except as a temporary representation for the ‘real’ structure that’s being built elsewhere.

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