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 Posted: Sun Feb 12th, 2017 08:10 am
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Steven B

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Thanks Si, I dunno, the mosheens are furrin to me.  I tried to figure this out a year ago, and it has been killing me to get this up and running.  I see so many great modelers here, this is a great forum.  :bow:
Bytes bite.  I'm like Herb, I am lucky I can just get on line somedays.  I use a MAC so I don't have Paint.  But there has to be sumpthin on this thing that does it.  I found that if I made my camera take small low res images I could do it.  That made my day.  I know on my old MS machine I could compress, I tried it here and it was still too big. I'm not a fast learner, not a slow learner, kind of half fast. :slow:
I just have to play with it and eventually I'll just keep pushing buttons until it works or breaks!  Thanks, and I'll see what I can find.  Maybe I'll get some sun tomorrow with a slow enough wind speed that I won't have to pick my models up in Richmond when I try to photograph them. :f:

Steven B.
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