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 Posted: Fri Feb 10th, 2017 07:50 pm
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Jumpin' Jehosephat!  It worked!  Dang, just like downtown. :shocked: Only issue was that I tried to post two at once.... only one shows.  No worries, I can make more posts if that is what it takes.
So, this is a Deerfield River Laser kit that I picked up to play with.  My goal is to replicate a car similar to the Monterey & Salinas Valley Combine in the California State Railroad Museum.  This one comes closest, without a complete scratch build which I will do someday, but it has nine windows and some frilly engraving to give it a bit of glam.  The prototype saw service not he NC for most of its life and was rebuilt to a seven window car later.  I got half way into the kit and decided that I could do it differently, so I'll get another and do it the way that I think I should have from the start.
Not sure what I will do with this one, but the kit and instructions were great.  It went together easily and smoothly.  It fit right over the Bachamnn frame without a hitch.  I added some seats from another car because it was short in the seating section.
In the next one, I will completely redo the interior with Grandt Seats some people and a little freight.  But I am so happy that I could make the photos load.  I have other things to post, but they will have to wait until I get a little time to retake pictures of them at a smaller format.  Yippee skippy we're on our way . :glad:

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