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 Posted: Thu Feb 9th, 2017 11:23 pm
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Ah, a nay sayer !

My favorite type of customer !!

Always ready & willing to pay TEN TIMES the going rate, for exactly the same stuff.

As a well seasoned & experienced buyer, of large quantities of electronic components, for many years, I can't agree with your assumption.

Also the very fact that buying parts from eBay, allows you to see & read ACCURATE customer feedback, regarding the parts & performance of a supplier, makes comments like yours even more strange.

There's just no reason for busy eBay suppliers of electronic components to sell anything other than 'normal' parts.

They are making plenty of money anyway, so why mess with these 'alleged' factory-rejects ? and have endless returns & complaints.

I have NEVER bought ANY sub-standard parts from this type of supplier, EVER.

I do have a story about a sanded & lasered J74, but that aint what we're talking about here.

I've even come across people who CLAIM that there are 'fakes' of Philips DAC chips about ... Oh dear ...

Over the years, I can hardly recall any instance EVER of actually buying & using ANY duff electronic parts.

Yet the first thing you'll hear when 'the experts' get talking about suppliers, is how MONEY guarantees quality.

What a load of TOSH mate !

It's a 'state of mind' Helmut & I have the good fortune to generally think, buy & design stuff 'outside the box' !

I guess the free glass of Champagne from the 'successful' battery salesman, is enough to convince most people that 'their' money is in safe hands !

Yeah RIGHT !


The world keeps turning & the supply chain keeps rolling on . . .


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