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 Posted: Sun Jan 8th, 2017 10:44 am
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Next, I moved again in 2013, and reused some parts of the old layout, but little of the old Black Hawk. So, I started planning for a new scene. Like an earlier layout, the Black Hawk space available was an L-shaped space. Atlas, the model railroad manufacturer, did and probably still does, publish track plans showing ideas for their track line. One layout idea they offered appealed to me - it is shown above, but flipped 180 degrees. The simple to build layout gave lots of switching opportunities and so I studied this idea for a while.

In the same space, I also sketched out several other ideas to see what could be done. One thought was to expand out from the wall, from a narrow L-shaped space to one that projected more out into the room. The plan above was one result. I had the basic trackage I needed for operations, and now more space to depict more of the town buildings.  I started building this layout, but then halted construction. After further consideration, I found that I preferred the simplicity of a narrow shelf, and thereby building the layout in small sections easily worked on at my workbench.

So, I came back to the space shown above - 7' long x 3' wide on a 18" shelf.  This photo shows two models saved - a large model of the Polar Star Mill + ore chutes transfer to the C&S, and a freight supplier (which I called "Clear Creek Supply Co."). I would like to fit these into the scene, but how best to do that and fit some of the other design elements in?

So, any further construction here is temporarily halted until I figure out what to do. One thing that needs to be done is review in more detail the buildings, track, and background that comprise Black Hawk.

In this thread, we covered the enginehouse area, and Martin branch up to the Wheeler and other mills. We then started downstream, towards Black Hawk town, and looked over the Hidden Treasure Mill. But, there is a much, much more to see. In the next several posts, I'll put up more information about "lower Black Hawk" as a modeling subject.

Also, Happy New Year everyone!  This should be a great year for modeling, I think.


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