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 Posted: Sun Jan 8th, 2017 10:16 am
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Trackplanning For The Black Hawk Scene

This is the space I have to model Black Hawk - an 18" wide shelf 7' x 3' long. This will be the main terminus of the layout, where my rendition of the Gilpin Tram will serve 2 or 3 gold ore processing mills, interchange with the Colorado & Southern 3' gauge, have the enginehouse and shops, yard trackage to make up trains, and have a few other spurs to switch.

Easy to model, right? Well, maybe not. There are so many interesting aspects to the prototype Black Hawk, and I have a very limited space, so an initial challenge will be to narrow the list of scenes I will model to just a few that will fit the space that I have.

I have risen to the challenge before, and built 3 different Black Hawk model scenes in prior versions of my layout. Each Black Hawk scene had its pros and cons, but they all were fun to operate.  So, as I plan for my next version of Black Hawk, I'll revisit my previous designs, to refresh my memory, and examine what worked and what didn't work.

This was an earlier version of Black Hawk, set on the lower shelf of a two-level layout. I finished most of the upper level, and roughed in part of the scenery on the lower level, but never did add any more buildings other than the enginehouse.

This is a trackplan of the 2000-era layout, on the lower level. I did not build the sampling works, but built a model of the Rocky Mountain Concentrator instead.  The layout ran pretty well, and was the first layout I built using the then new-to-me Peco 009 flextrack and turnouts.   But, this space was needed for some other family activities (my son's guitar practice and storage area, and I was leaning towards a new shelf layout concept anyway, so it was torn up. It was described in an article in the November 2004 Narrow Gauge & Short Line Gazette.

About the same time, I sketched up this track plan for Black Hawk, shown above. This was published in a short article in Light Iron Digest, and it was designed for a compact space. I never built this layout, but I think it would have run well if I had.

As I had previously mentioned, I then built a 16" wide shelf layout across two walls of the family room. This photo shows the Black Hawk area, which was 8' long. This is as far as I ever got with scenery on this scene. Like the previous layout, it was built with Peco flextrack and turnouts and operated well.

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