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 Posted: Thu Jan 5th, 2017 06:52 pm
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Hi Jack :wave:

Great to hear you have these photos & video.

The video is something which needs to be uploaded to 'YouTube' perhaps.

I'm not really able to advise you on how to do this.

'YouTube' obviously provide instructions on their Site, as to how to do this.

Once it has been uploaded to 'YouTube', the video can be Linked to here at Freerails.

- - - - - - -

The quickest & easiest way to upload photos to Freerails is by simply using the 'Attachment Button', at the bottom of the main Reply window.

The photos need to be 'resized' on your computer, to be 800-pixels wide, using what ever program you have for this, & must be less than 0.5 MegaBytes, which they will be at 800x--- size.

They can also be uploaded to your Members Gallery.

There are a number of different descriptions of how to do this in the 'Photo Posting' Forum, check 'em out.

If for any reason you have trouble, give us a shout in the 'Photo Posting' Forum, & we will see if we can guide you through it.

Once you know HOW, it is EASY, sometimes it takes a couple of goes to 'get it'.

If the photos don't come out right, we can always delete & re-Post them, so have a go & see.

As a last resort, you could eMail them to me at Freerails, & I could Post them for you.

Give it a go, can't wait to see them.

All the best.




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