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 Posted: Thu Jan 5th, 2017 02:53 am
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John Garaty's diagram is exactly how the real cable system worked and the model. The south tower side of the car was pulled directly toward the tower. The north tower side was pulled by the "haul back" cable. It went through the north tower and did a 180 via two pulley towers. The cable then draped back across the valley and into the south tower. Not sure if the real cable wound around a drum and was continuous or in two separate pieces. The model uses two cables (black thread). As one reels in, the other reels out. The are oppositely wound on a single drum.

From what I recall reading, there was a 170 foot sag in the cable and the north tower was higher than the south. They used both to send the cars across letting gravity do some of the work. The loaded cars went in the "down" direction and the empty's were hauled up.

In the original 2 cable system with the steam winch, a round trip took about 15 minutes including pulling the loaded car off and putting an empty back on.

In the 4 cable system with the electric motors, a one way trip was said to be 108 seconds with the carriage going 20mph. Must have been a wild ride !!!

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