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 Posted: Thu Jan 5th, 2017 02:50 am
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Your modeling back then is outstanding even in today's standards! I was going to build the cable way also and obtained a set of Russ Simpson's plans for the Mich. Calif. cable towers but what stopped me was that I couldn't figure out how I could keep the strain of the cables from pulling the towers apart.
What would be nice if it would be possible to take a movie of the cable way in operation and share it here on Freerails.
I have the DVD movie of the prototype in operation but the black and white film quality isn't that good but it is better than nothing!
Some years ago someone hiked to the area where the cable towers once stood and shared a few shots of what was left which wasn't that much. It is more than likely so grown over now that it would be almost impossible to find today.
Yes, it is hard to find models that still exist after almost a half century. A local modeler, Lyle Spears still has all the logging modules that he wrote about in several issues of Model Railroader back in the 1960's. I have taken several pictures of his modeling efforts over the years and every now and then when he comes over for his monthly visit he will bring a model that he had just recently completed. Awhile back I had obtained two Bachmann O scale skidders(small loading engines)for him and he made large HO scale skidders out of them. He added one feature that I have never seen on a skidder model, reels of cable labeled on the end with the wire manufacture's logo. He gave me a copy of a page out of an early lumbering magazine about cable reels and I scanned the labels, cleaned them up and printed out labels on my Alps printer in HO and O scale, the scale ones for me and the HO for Lyle.
I have always wanted to model Lyle's first logging 18" x 6' diorama and upscale it to On30 scale in an area of 2' x 8'. I have scratch built the low 18" trestle for it and am about to start on the engine house copying the Cowlitz Chehalis & Cascade's engine house that was in Chehalis, WA. Lyle made a set of plans in HO for the engine house and gave me a set. You can see Lyle's first diorama in the December 1963 issue of Model Railroader.

Jack M.

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