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 Posted: Wed Jan 4th, 2017 02:59 pm
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Hi Jack and all,
From the photos of the model, it looks like the car cage is carried on 2 fixed cables and drawn across by a third cable. The 2 fixed cables supporting the cage would have been secured to nearby bedrock by large concrete blocks and not to the structure itself. There would have been a vertical component carried by the support towers inside each structure but the horizontal forces would be transferred to the surrounding bedrock by the concrete blocks attached to each end of each of the carrying cables. 

If one station is lower than the other then perhaps the cage could be returned to the lower station by gravity, towing the third haulage cable with it? Or there could be another cable attached to the other end of the cage with the haulage ropes rigged like a Main and Tail type incline as shown below. 
Substitute the coal skips in the diagram for the haulage cage in Bob's model. 

I hope that this explanation makes some sense, 

John Garaty
Unanderra in oz
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