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 Posted: Sat Dec 24th, 2016 09:00 pm
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Si, Bachmundane has this real problem with splitting gears due to "too tight" dimensions. Most every BM loco I have owned has had the problem. It is (or should be) possible to replace JUST THE GEAR but BM, like auto makers, etc., want to sell us great unwashed the WHOLE TAMALE! You will need a new gear, the old cracked one CANNOT be repaired, no matter what "info" you find on de net. If it were me (what?), I would find some kindly old friend who knows how to make gears and have him/her make a new one from brass. I know this is possible, my BM Shays needed new pinion gears long ago and a fellow up north made new brass ones for me (before NWSL came & went) which are still in service today. Yes, Botchman makes pretty trinkets but they have design faults which make reliable and long term operation just a "pipe dream"...

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