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 Posted: Sat Dec 24th, 2016 07:53 pm
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Hi Jose :wave:

It is slightly annoying for a tight-wad like me to flash £22 for, as you say, a piddly lil' placky cog !!

Actually it's B!@@$? insane !

Problem is finding the correct gear to put back on the axle.

Could be damn hard to find.

I did wonder about trying to 'hand file' one out of brass.

Anything is 'doable', but how long would that take me ? ... & would it be any good ?

You are right of course Jose.

The existing parts are DOOMED ! ... Possibly sellable though !

I'll have a look at how easy it will be to break it even more, removing the wheels from the axle. ;)

Mmm... Pops always said, " Don't despair, REPAIR ! " ... I do try to.



Just realized, the repair-bill for No.22 ... is £22 ...


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