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 Posted: Fri Dec 16th, 2016 04:18 pm
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So you are not far away from my recent test setup. At the moment I use a guitar amp/speaker combo.

To connect the speaker exit of your Tsunami to the line in of your amplifier, you will have to use a high/low level or impedance converter like the one Si has introduced a few posts ago.

As your Tsunami Sound decoder is a pure DCC device including motor control, as I suppose, you have to connect it to your DCC control unit and program it on the same address as the DCC decoder inside the loco, if that is possible. Or you program the two DCC decoder like two locos in double heading.

But I have only a very basic knowledge of this DCC stuff. I tried DCC control about 13 years ago before I start using RC-control for trains.

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modelling in 1:22.5 on 32mm and 16.5mm track
Actual project: 7/8" scale on 45 mm track
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