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 Posted: Thu Nov 17th, 2016 09:22 pm
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Hi Doug :wave:

I am of course, going to Post more on 'the plan' soon.

The plan is changing a bit though, as the various boards & parts are found.
This is really the R&D stage.

I thought I would start with this, before getting underway 'proper' like.
Otherwise it would all be one huge 'splurge' of info in Post No.1 !

It is great actually, that various Members have already expressed interest in >> THE REPLICANT <<

I have exchanged a TON of eMail recently, with Juergen (Toeffelholm), regarding his own 7/8ths loco & layout sound project.
One thing that has come up from this, is more of an investigation into 'Bluetooth' sound transmission.

I was wondering Doug, if you had got that Blutooth equipped MP3-player yet ?
I thought that it only RECEIVED Bluetooth.
But do you know if it TRANSMITS Bluetooth as well ?

It wasn't totally clear to me, reading the text from Hing Yong Pong Electronics precisely WHAT it did !
It did say it was very good value & would enhance my lifestyle though.
Do you feel your lifestyle has been enhanced by the Hing Yong Pong product ??




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