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 Posted: Tue Nov 15th, 2016 04:07 am
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One thing about my 'economy' hi-tech parts is ...
... they aint arriving by rocket-ship !
Oh well, patience is a virtue & China-Post is CHEAP !!

A slow trickle of boards, bits & bobs is getting here though !

Doug ...
... you might be interested in this newly ordered item.

It allows the digital-amp output of the panel-mounted 'micro' MP3-player & also your 'bluetooth' one with 3W+3W amps built in ...
... to be connected to 'normal' analog line-level audio gear.
eg. the 'low pass filter' board, mentioned earlier.

Basically this unit is 2 transformers & a few other components, in a box, 1 transformer each for Left & Right stereo.

This cost me £1.19p inc. P&P on eBay & is on it's way here as we speak.





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