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 Posted: Tue Nov 15th, 2016 02:20 am
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Hi Michael.

The goods-shed model looks fantastic !
A really nice old prototype, if a slightly large one.

It's strange how looking at the building, it isn't initially obvious to me how big it is.
The loco is something that comes in various sizes also.
The thing that really 'scales' that scene for me, is the old double-decker omnibus.
It kinda looks really small in the photos.

The Grand Central Gold Mining Co. is apparently 39' long, according to Trout Creek Engineering.
I don't think I've seen a smaller 'decent' mine, in many of the countless old photos I've looked at.
If you have to save a ton of space, the answer is of course a tunnel, not shaft, mine I guess.
39' is 13 3/8" in 1:35 scale, I forget the width used by Trout Creek Engineering, 20' maybe.

I got the printouts of the old Gilpin County vintage photo which I made on 'blue-grid' paper...
...and started drawing vertical & horizontal 'cross lines' at all the points of interest, doors windows etc.
Turned out to look like quite a spiders web, I might Post a photo of it just out of interest, later.
When I 're-scale' it for 1:35, I will compress it very very slightly, the proportion is what counts for me.

I am trying to select my 'prototype' structures really carefully, so as not to look too big or small.
The car building has been the same game, I have tried to limit the dimensions to Gilpin Tram ones.
A nicely sized prototype as it happens, seen next to Colorado & Southern 3ft, the 2ft Tram is petite.
I like the Chavez structures Michael, they I'm sure will work well in relation to their final context.



I'm getting there s l o w l y . . .
I'll Post snaps of the Adobe Building lately, It's been cut-back twice now, and now looking satisfactory.


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