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 Posted: Thu Nov 3rd, 2016 10:36 pm
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Thanks Chriss and Keith, from that Internet link it looks as though the book can be downloaded direct, without hunting through lots of obscure book dealers ?

I have a professional/amateur interest as we run our own stamps but nowadays it is almost impossible to find any practical advice, rules etc as to how to actually set up and operate a set. From personal experience there are so many variables, from water flow rate through the 'box' to stamp head (shoe) weight, drop etc. , all of which have an obvious effect on ore particle size and recovery rates. Drop rate is not easily varied because any change of pulley size will often require a different length or altered drive belt (not cheap these days !) and slowing down some prime movers such as water power is much easier said than done without losing Hp. Simultaneous winding and stamping off the same water power source is interesting !

Amalgamation stamping is a total unknown to me as we have never had much gold mining in the UK. The only cyaniding plant I have ever seen is in Spain or the U.S. - so the more detail the better !

Regards, Michael

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