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 Posted: Wed Nov 2nd, 2016 09:52 pm
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Hi Doug.

Yeah, dimmers are noisy %£@$&*% !

My solution is simple...
...I won't have 'em in the house !!

I have been known to remove neons from things as well !!

It might be that one of the amps is 'digital' & the other 'analog'.
I'm such a vintage ol' dude, that I don't know much about these newish digital-amps.
But they are small, cheap & efficient, so seem to get thrown in a ton of stuff these days.
As I am now finding out.

You could just try 'screening' the cable between the MP3 player & amp-board.
Sometimes some Bacofoil(TM) wrapped around has a simple effect on things.
Just connect a bare 'drain wire' up inside the foil, from your audio-ground screw-terminal.
Cover in tape or heatshrink.





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