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 Posted: Sun Oct 23rd, 2016 06:53 am
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Thorsten K

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Hi Larry

The green grass is the summer 6mm spots from Noch.
The long grass in the creek is an old brush and moss - that's it.

Hello Herb

The outdoor project is my problem child.
My health in the last years was too bad to do what is to do,
but you'll find some pics in the gallery on my website  click on "Fotos" and you´ll find some.
You must know, that I'm in trouble with the scale.
I like LGB very much but my space in the garden, must say the space, my really good wife allowed is small! :)

I have enough, she says!
She is right cause of my health, it nearly impossible to stoop.

And the scale, I like 7/8 very much cause you have something in your hands.
We´ll see!

I made the portal in my wintergarden.
Lets have a little look:

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Yours Toddy - Rail´n Roll ;)
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