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 Posted: Sun Oct 23rd, 2016 04:26 am
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" Damn nice weathering job you did on the riveting kit "

Howdy Woodie :cb:

Thanks !
I thought about cutting up the case & turning it into ore-cars.
But I'll leave running a load of rusty ol' heaps, to the Silver City line.
It's all 100% WELDED and toootaly mooodern here these days.
John's right ... Riveting ... is ... just ... so ... yesterday ... !


- - - - - - -

" I have searched through my workshop drawers ...
... I intended checking the dimensions of an O gauge shoe "

Good evening Michael :wave:

Too late I'm afraid.
It's past midnight.
Wolfys new girlfriend, Barbie, just turned into a pumpkin !

" Roll on the big night ! "

I sent Michael a PM, to see how his first night at the pub went, after getting out of Hospital.
Haven't heard back yet though.
Mmm ... ?
Musta bin a blinder ! ... He's probably back in the A&E again !


- - - - - - -

Like I said, I forgot to get a snap of the vintage Tri-ang tankcar, before I ruined it !
Found this one on 'nternet though.

A slightly later model than my pre Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band era version.
This one has the post Woodstock pin-point placky arch-bars, not the dudey diecasts Hank Hatchet insists on.
But the underframe and 100% WELDED tank, are the same parts.

Can't remember what I paid for my one.
It was however in line with the usual M.M.M budget guide lines !

Couldn't BELIEVE IT !!
Looking for the photo, I saw one of these, sans 'collectors' box, with a smear of weathering on it.
Went for 30 QUID !! :Crazy:

I actually feel quite bad about destroying all these highly 'collectable' vintage Tri-ang items, to make M.M.Ms rundown rolling stock.
Maybe I should quit M.M.M, and just 'collect' the Tri-ang instead ?
Naw ... life's too short, not to have as much fun as you can, with a good Tri-ang BASHING !

Better not double-cross Herb though.
He's got all my 'details'.
He could pass them on to the Tri-ang 'Collectors Club'.
Could be looking over my shoulder for ASSASSINS for the rest of my natural born !!




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