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 Posted: Fri Oct 21st, 2016 08:04 pm
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Woodie - I think it is the special weathering process known as "found at the back of an old shed, why not put it on Fleabay".

Si : to answer your question, I have searched through my workshop drawers as far as I am currently physically able, but I cannot find my brake shoe box. I remember the suppliers address was Harrow UK but I cannot find any such on t'internet. Maybe the old Harrow Model Shop (RIP) ?

I intended checking the dimensions of an O gauge shoe but all my O wagons & stuff are packed away in crates currently out of reach as I am in U.S. On30 this year (supposedly).

From a quick IT search I cannot find any mfg's of solid, not fold up etch, wagon brake shoes; really bad news.

Roll on the big night !


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