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 Posted: Wed Oct 19th, 2016 06:42 pm
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Dave :cool: the postman arrived really  q u i e t l y  today . . . ?

No reving engine.
Not a wiff of burning rubber...
...white-hot brake-discs...
...or flying gravel !!

" That $%£&@*? bloke has &?*%$£ well parked right in the middle of the @?*&£%$ driveway AGAIN !! "

" Morning Dave, That must be my Tri-ang ICI Caustic Tankcar "

" What ? "

" For my train-set Dave "

" Oh "

With the Mysterious Moose Mountain Molybdenum Mining & Manufacturing Companys growing need for liquid assets...
...the Moose Mountain Line needs more tankcars.

After the controversy of their recent riveted-bridge purchase... need for the ol' abacus for any 'counting' here !!

100% all WELDED construction !

Just realised I didn't take a photo of the original '60s Tri-ang tankcar.
Had the darn thing apart too quickly for modding & bashing !

Not a bad lil' ol' tank, interesting WELDED side-supports.
Not a single stanchion-rivet in sight !

Checked her out on one of our scratchbuilt wooden underframes.
Decided though, that this fairly mooodern design will get a steel-underframe.

More later . . .




' Mysterious Moose Mountain ' - 1:35n2 - pt.II

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