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 Posted: Sat Oct 15th, 2016 09:31 am
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Hi >> REPLICANT << readers :wave:

I just bought a CD of steam railway recordings, made by one of the old-school of British Cinema sound-recordists, Peter Handford.
Some of the reviews on Amazon were pretty funny.
So here are the details & the reviews.


Peter Handford (1919 - 2007) was one of the British Film Industries' most respected sound recordists and mixers.
When out and about on location directors came to trust this artisan of sound to sonically and realistically complement the imaginative and often affecting visuals.
With his own personal passion you could argue that it was this same level of realism and authentic reproduction that would make his recordings of railways so special and evocative for those who came to hear them.
The average rail enthusiast could easily list the reasons why, far better than we could ever express here.
The qualities and the technical aspects that make them treasure the sounds of those last wistful days of steam.
Maybe it is because here you have something that wholeheartedly transports you back instantly to that moment in time and brings home the excitement of experiencing steam in its full glory and the array of emotions that follow.
Your senses are pleasingly overwhelmed by the noise, commotion, routines and trials and tribulations of the everyday workings of the railway.
Placing you in the heart of the action, and there you are standing, track side, in Handford's shoes, feeling the grit on your face and breathing in the smoke and steam.
Meanwhile in the background, the ever changeable British weather and landscape.


Track Listing :-

1. A down express passenger train, followed by an up express passenger train, passing in open country
2. A local passenger train starting out from a country station
3. An express passenger train passing, fast, in open country
4. An express passenger train accelerating after a signal arm changes
5. A local passenger train passing by in open country
6. An express passenger train climbing a steep gradient
7. Passenger trains near the summit of a climb from both directions
8. Passenger trains at the entrance to a tunnel
9. At a country station. Passenger and freight trains passing and a local passenger train arriving and departing
10. An express passenger train accelerating after leaving a station
11. A freight train slowly approaching a marshalling yard
12. A variety of locomotives at work in a large, busy marshalling yard, with loose coupled wagons
13. A loose coupled freight train starting
14. A journey on board an express passenger train
15. At a large main line station; a typically busy terminus
16. Locomotives moving to and from the loco. sheds
17. A journey on the footplate of a locomotive hauling a passenger train
18. Inside a large signal box at a busy main line station
19. Inside the signal box at a country station
20. Passenger and freight trains passing and leaving a station on a main line
21. Passenger trains arriving at, leaving and passing a large station; an important junction, on a main line



Amazon UK Reviews :-

" I cannot reccommend this product highly enough!
I listen to it on an almost daily basis (usually whilst doing the washing-up) and find it very relaxing to have playing in the background.
If you are tired of listening to the usual drivel on the radio then this is for you.
The CD features 21 tracks (no pun), about half of which are of various steam hauled trains passing.
The real joy however, lies with the other half of the tracks which feature rather more operational interest such as shunting, riding on the footplate and the inside of signal boxes.
Top notch ! "

" Bought for background to a murder mystery dinner party set on a Trans-Siberian Railway, this worked really well.
I'm afraid I can't review how good the particular tracks of steam engines are though ! "

" This CD is really good and has some evocative tracks and sounds.
We had it playing when a man came to sell us new windows,
he said "Of course you won't hear the railway so much with these windows"
and we said, yes we will ! "

" This CD was bought as a Christmas gift for my husband who has set up a train room since retirement.
He was rapt with the sound effects and really enjoys playing and following the tracks as he runs his trains.
Says it has been one of his best gifts ever !! "

" I purchased this CD to play down my shed when I am working on stuff for my garden tramway.
With my big CD player I purchased from Argos I get wonderfull sound and it fill's my shed !!
Really a good buy unlike the CD with the American Locomotive on the cover which is hopeless ! "




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