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 Posted: Sat Oct 15th, 2016 02:31 am
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Hi Doug :wave:

Yes, the one you're looking at, has the pair of 8002B digital-amplifier chips (bottom-right).

The additional Bluetooth-board, is appropriately, the 'blue thing' top-left.
I think this means it will RECEIVE Bluetooth, from eg. a cellphone.
I don't think it actually TRANSMITS Bluetooth though, to eg. a remote amp/speaker unit.
Mmm... ??

The Bluetooth feature seems to have limited usefulness, if this is the case, for a model sound-system.

Looks like a lot of extra dough getting paid out, for an F.M.-radio, a Clock & Bluetooth, all of which appear to be of limited use.
You don't need the remote either, I guess you have 2 already.



You might be able to broadcast C&W music to the town square, from your cellphone though !
Play your phone calls back through the speaker in the sawmill !!


The machinery noise might make the caller hard to hear though !



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