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 Posted: Sat Oct 15th, 2016 12:53 am
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Hi Doug :wave:

I checked out all the panel-mounted MP3-players I could find.
If you have a specific question on one you've looked at, I could probably answer it.

Broadly speaking, they either come WITH or WITHOUT built-in amplifiers.

Yours, which are kinda 'the car version', as you know, don't have built-in amplifiers.

The versions advertised as having 3W+3W amplifiers, all seem to be based around a pair of 8002B digital-amplifier chips.
They output 3 Watts @ <10% distortion, probably around 1 Watt @ <0.1% distortion.
Not too bad, all things considered.

If the built-in amplifier is not required, a 'normal' line-level output can be taken from Pin-4 of the chip (I think).
The 3 Watt 'digital-output' of these models, CAN NOT be fed into a regular sound-mixer, SMOKE will result.
This is due to the fact that the digital-amplifier output has no 'real earth' connection.
Taking a wire from Pin-4, for feeding into any regular line-level audio-gear, should work fine though.

I looked at all the options & took a punt at this one below.
Including remote-control & wiring-looms, inc. P&P, it cost me £2.02p !!
Further units, sans remote-control, could probably be haggled-down to maybe £1.50p each ??
I am thinking that >> THE REPLICANT << might well use 8 or more of these units.

What I liked about this one is :-

It has the 3W+3W built-in amplifier.
It has a very-small front-panel area, perfect for a cluster of 8 or more, in an A.B.S box.
All 'hidden' functions, without buttons, are accessible using the remote-control, ie. E.Q. settings, Repeat-mode, Track forward/backward, Volume up/down etc.
Since it doesn't have a built-in F.M-Radio, the screen for this, is not needed.
Access to the 1/2 dozen Tracks one might have on the SD-Card, is simply done 'screenless' using the remote-control.


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