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 Posted: Wed Oct 12th, 2016 11:02 pm
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Hi Doug


This is exactly the kinda thing I'm getting at.

I should really Post my full ideas on the whole caboodle...
...I will soon.
It involves a kinda 'crossover' splitting Bass from Treble.
But NOT at the 'typical' 3000 Hz of a Hi-Fi speaker.
More like around 100 Hz or so.

Doug, that $2 MP3 player looks AWESOME !!
I like the fact that it has a proper external PSU connection.
The one I ordered doesn't, it has an internal LiPo battery.
I would much prefer a decent PSU, sans the battery.

I have not seen this type of packaging in my searches.

Thanks Doug !
This is why starting crazy threads is worth doing !!



Just found the general type
With the search term 'MP3 module remote' or 'panel mount' etc.


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