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 Posted: Wed Oct 12th, 2016 10:50 pm
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Hi Si - as it's on the same subject, I've recently hooked up an ambient sound system to my On30 Updah Creek layout using one of these £2.00 MP3 players and some redundant computer speakers (the sort with a built in amp) which were stripped of their cases and the internals set into the underside of the foam baseboard.

001 by slateworks, on Flickr

Connection is a piece of cake with a supplied three wire ribbon cable for connection to the speaker's "in" socket and a supplied power wire connected to a 9V DC regulated supply. Recordings have been made as WAV. files onto SD cards and are from various free "atmosphere" sound file construction sites and as I wanted a Country Music Festival also, filched from suitable tracks found on YouTube.

The whole thing, volume, track selection and a choice of five pre-set tones from the player's built-in graphic equaliser is controlled from the supplied remote. In fact, I've installed two players (at that price you can't go wrong!), the second one playing through a £1.80 amp connected to two ordinary 40mm round speakers. The speakers do need a pre-amp of some sort as you can't just connect the player direct.

d (4) by slateworks, on Flickr

Great fun for a home layout and I made a very amateurish video to demonstrate a bit of the sounds. The music's a full track so you may want to close it before the end!

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