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 Posted: Fri Oct 7th, 2016 11:50 pm
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" I install 4 brass channel's in upper and lower chords to strengthen "

Hi Ken :wave:

The truss girder bridge is a done deal at last ( I hope ! )
It's nice to know finally, what the 'footprint' will be, for incorporating into a trackplan.
I'm not going to build it right away, too many other things to spend my model making time on.
But I have given the kit a good looking over, regarding assembly, size, clearances & possible strengthening.

The main bridge profiles are made up from 2 layers each side, with girder sections between them.
Very nice, it gives the truss a highly open & realistic look.
The construction is in fact, exactly like the prototype.
I think/hope it could be quite strong once assembled.

The kit is designed specificaly for Marklin-C sectional-track.
I checked this out & it actually has a large-wedge of 'ballast' moulded onto the rail/ties part.
I guess this provides a certain amount of strength, doesn't look great though !!

The bridge has 2 long girders, running full length, at track level. They are NEARLY 16.5mm gauge.
It may be possible to adjust the slots these run through & replace them with a chunky rail section.
As you said, brass could be an option as well, something soldered up or channel could be the answer here.
Perhaps a mix of rail & soldered brass.

I found a few pix. of an assembled truss girder bridge, that was for sale a while back.
Here they are, I think they show the prototypical construction pretty well.
I await, with breath held...
...for Michaels assesment of the rivet-details & Herbs of the girder sections !!




Ken. I did find out a bit more about S.C.R-throttle mods.
I finished the NEW handset a while back.
Have been modding the main circuit-board a bit now as well.
Found a nice case for the P.S.U, just got to cut a front-panel for it.

More on that soon...
...I'm going to add MORE smoothing capacitors to the output basically.



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