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 Posted: Thu Oct 6th, 2016 08:34 am
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The above map shows the Black Hawk area, where we return to look further at the yards and a mill branch


North of the enginehouse and shops was the Gilpin Tram’s small yard. This was limited to a runaround track with a wye on the north end. Photographs show strings of loaded ore cars on the two tracks next to and just uphill of the enginehouse. These same tracks were also used for storage of empty cars.  Of course, there were other tracks to set out cars in Black Hawk, and we will eventually look at those, too.

 The very simple "yards" north of the enginehouse and Clear Creek wye are shown in this map


M.P. 0.00         SWITCHBACK No. 1
The Fullerton Mill branch began at the enginehouse, where the mainline began its climb up Chase Gulch, and the main headed downgrade to Black Hawk and several mills.

The Fullerton Mill Branch began immediately next to the enginehouse , and extended for over a mile  to the northwest. The branch started out on the west side of Clear Creek, crossed over to the other side to reach two mills, then crossed back to the west side to reach the Martin/Wheeler Mill. This branch was built to serve three ore-processing mills: the Golden Fleece/Brooklyn/Gunnell Gold M & M Company, the Fullerton Upper Mill, and the Martin/Wheeler Mill. The owners of the Martin/Wheeler Mill owned the trackage from “Wheeler Junction” to their mill, which was 2,693 feet of trackage, or about 0.51 miles.
M.P. 0.13         CLEAR CREEK WYE
The wye was described in a1906 Gilpin Railroad Company report as being 600 feet north of the enginehouse.
The branch was built early in the life of the tram – newspaper records show the branch was in place to the Upper Fullerton Mill in 1887.

This is how the former yard and wye area looks now - the highway has moved the creek closer to the far bank, and vegetation has grown back. I could not find any traces of the grade

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