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 Posted: Wed Oct 5th, 2016 09:27 pm
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Salada wrote:
Time was I could walk along Edgeware Rd, find what I wanted at bargain price & UNDERSTAND HOW IT WORKED.

After an absence of many years I returned, no electronic stores - all changed. Not even a Sum Ting Wong Corp outlet.

I agree. I now believe that it's not that I'm too old to get this stuff, it's that it requires WAY more hand-on work to make out-of-the-box things function these days. That's a simple fact. Time was, you needed to read the manual maybe and get some batteries, but that was it. Now, you need to program stuff, connect them to things they really don't need to be connected to (for example, a pal of mine with no internet bought a TV and he CAN'T use it because it won't allow him to simply hook it to an antenna lead; is HAS to be internet connected to function. And he can't return it because there's technically nothing wrong with it).

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