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 Posted: Sun Oct 2nd, 2016 12:28 pm
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" Now I'm not rivet counting mine spoil heap shapes but :
Hard rock waste dumps are normally fan shaped or elongated rectangular
as the tipping track is advanced across a flat topped pile and using end or side tipping wagons.
Conical heaps are typical of soft rock coal mines where a conveyor or aerial ropeway dumps stuff at the apex of a 360 deg cone."

Hi Michael :cb:

Thanks !
Your job as M.M.M realism-consultant is secure.

I just gaze at photos in my Gilpin book...
...& wonder if a cardboard cone with loads of crap from the garden glued to it might work ??

I was looking at some mines in Gilpin County...
...some of the waste rock dumps are of course ENORMOUS !

And yes, I know what you mean about the fan-shape & elongated, thanks for the reminder.
Conveyor-belt dumped gravel-piles in Kent, are probably what I was thinking of as well.

Perhaps this is why I can't recall ever seeing them modeled.
It's probably been tried, but to scale ? you'd need a couple of 8'x4's to do it !

My 'back-up' plan was a B-grade ore pile, with one of my dozer-kits, pushing some about !


" Maybe I should get out more ? (I would if I could) "

Society is safe, for the time being at least !!





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