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 Posted: Sat Oct 1st, 2016 09:03 am
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It was a snowy '70s Christmas many years ago
when I lashed together my first piece of 'serious' electronics.
A stereo-amplifier kit from RT-VC on Londons grimy Edgware Road.

Clustered around the A40 Marylebone fly-over
were a number of rundown shabby stores, selling electronic parts & gizmos.
The legendary Henrys Radio & RT-VC were my favorites.

Model railroaders, radio HAMs & rastas all in search of 'cool parts'.
Mullard boards, military hardware, turntables, tools, you name it !
Affordable as well.

Since then I've had the DIY-audio bug & have built a ton of stuff.
Mostly a tad on the large and LOUD side !!
But some teeny-weeny things as well.

These days Edgware Road is all mirror-glass, air-con & Rolls Royces
nothing like the steamy & gasoliney Blade Runner scene it once was.
The Web is where all the really cool & affordable electronics are now.

Anyhow, cutting to the chase...
...I thought I'd try and lash together some kind of miniature experimental sound-system.
Ambient sounds, loading sounds, gas-mech. rumbleings, that kinda thing.

The idea is to use small, simple & affordable parts, to create a 'leftfield' layout soundscape.
Nothing complicated & certainly NO rocket-science !
Something that anyone could make for a few bucks, with no experience, is the aim here.

There are a huge number of cool products, easy to wire boards & parts out there to be had.
It's just a case of tracking down the best & most suitable of them for the job.
So that's what I'm doing now.

More soon ...




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