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 Posted: Wed Sep 21st, 2016 10:02 am
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This photo was taken about 25 years ago, and is looking north over the former warming house site. By this time, nothing remained of the warming house. Colorado Route 119, to Nederland, is visible at left. The small mine previously shown can be partially seen - the ore slide down to the bin can be seen on the hillside

Parts of the warming house survived into the 1980s. By the time I first saw the area, in 1986, only a part of the stone walls at the north end were still standing. The rest of the structure had been torn down or covered with waste rock from mining operations.

Parts of the warming house walls at the north end were still standing into the 1980s. This view is looking north

2014 view of the former warming house site

Due to "progress", the large amount of new development in Black Hawk and Central City caused a lot of changes. One casualty was the warming house ruins. The walls were knocked down, and the site covered with soil and gravel, and construction equipment parked on the site. Today, the site is vacant, and nothing remains.


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