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 Posted: Wed Sep 21st, 2016 09:37 am
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Thanks for the nice comments about the enginehouse model. However, it was your Mogollon Railway thread on Freerails that was an inspiration to me. I like the scenes you created, on a realistic, operating layout.  I was trying to attain something similar.

The Gilpin Tramway's enginehouse and yard area was simple and compact. This was something worth modeling!  The map above, sketched from the original Sanborn Fire Insurance map from about 1895, shows the former barn-turned enginehouse built between Clear Creek and against a steep mountainside.

This shows my model railroad trackplan for Black Hawk as it existed until 2005. This was part of an article originally published in Railroad Model Craftsman in September 2003. I had room to model Black Hawk in HOn30 on a shelf area 16" x 96" - very tiny. But, I did have room to model the trackage to the main items of interest. The enginehouse was the main focus of the scene, and the rest intended to be mostly building flats.

This is an overall view of the Black Hawk portion of the layout. This is a very compact scene - 16" x 8' long. You'll also notice some non-Gilpin rolling stock in the picture - a caboose with cupola, and two boxcars. I wanted to model traffic for non-ore freight, that would be in bboxcars, tankcars, and other rolling stock. I want to model this on the current layout I am building, too.

For this layout, I used Peco Hon30 (009, actually) turnouts and flex track. It worked rather well, and I'll probably continue to use the same track on the new layout. Since this photo was taken, a lot more HOn30 locomotives have become available, and these will find a home on the new layout, too. The three locos shown here were all scratchbuilt bodies over N scale mechanisms, with dummy, non-operating cylinders and jackshafts. On these small models, the non-operable parts were not all that noticeable.  However, now I have been using N scale shays with scratchbuilt bodies, and these look much better.

Looking back at the former, pre-2005 layout, this photo was taken during one of many operating sessions. I learned on this layout that a small amount trackage, but laid out in plausible configuration, was interesting and fun to operate. In this photo, a train of empty ore cars is headed to the mines. I set out some structures as mockups, but never finish the scenery on this part of the layout, due to an impending house move.

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