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 Posted: Mon Sep 19th, 2016 09:58 am
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Modeling the Gilpin Tram's Enginehouse in Black Hawk

I first built an HO model of the enginehouse in 1993, and this was eventually written up in an article in the September 1999 Gazette.  This model was of the final three-stall version, and included a fully detailed interior.

At the time, I was building a small 4' x 9' layout, and set out to reproduce as much of the Gilpin Tram's enginehouse area as a I could. This shows a 1993 view, and eventually, the area immediately around the enginehouse was scenicked, but the rest of the layout was never completed.

After the previous layout was torn up, I began building a two-level layout based on the Gilpin Tram (again, in HOn30) in a larger space in my basement. So, the enginehouse model was reused on the new layout. I didn't have quite the space I needed to model the real Gilpin Tram's trackage accurately, so I compromised. In the view above, you can see I included a wye right next to the enginehouse, and I built a small (non-prototypical) yard off to the side.

Then, I dismantled two-level layout, so my son could use the area for his musical efforts. I then started building a shelf layout around two walls of the main basement rec room. Again, I had to compromise the track layout, but this layout was built for operation, so I included the trackage I needed - a small yard, two mill tracks, interchange, and a boiler works. I didn't have room for a wye, so I put a very unprototypical turntable behind the enginehouse.

Then, I moved, so I restarted my HOn30 layout. Once again, I did not faithfully model the Black Hawk trackage, but fit in the enginehouse where I had space. Once again, I didn't have space for a wye, so I put in a turntable (the real Gilpin Tram never had a turntable).

But, after 7 years, we decided to move once again, so, this layout was dismantled and parts of it saved. But, by then, Mike Pyne of Wild West Scale Model Builders expressed an interest in bringing out the enginehouse as a kit. Since the enginehouse (temporarily) did not have a layout space, I gave the enginehouse to Mike to use as an example.

So, when I do build my new model of Black Hawk, I will either build a kit, if available at that time, or scratchbuild another one!


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