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 Posted: Mon Sep 19th, 2016 09:34 am
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Oops! After a few mishaps...

Well, thanks to help from Si, Herb and Eddie, my previous difficulties with the Freerails software have been worked out. So, let's get back to looking at the Gilpin Tram.

In my previous posts, I started posting about my next big modeling venture, modeling the enginehouse, yards, mills and buildings of Black Hawk.

But first, just to be clear, this thread is Part II, and will start looking at the Black Hawk area, and how I will go about modeling it.  Part I generally covered the line from Chase Gulch at the Black Hawk end, and eventually more or less looked at the mainline, branches, spurs, and mines to the end of the line.  This map shows where this information can be found in Modeling the Gilpin Tram (Part I):

So, if you're if your seeking more information about the Gilpin Tram, don't forget to check out the Part I thread.

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