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 Posted: Thu Aug 25th, 2016 04:44 am
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Thanks Andrew !!

Again a bit of work done on the German boxcar in scale 1, drying times are a modelers worse enemy !! Added two filters to tone down and blend the colors a bit, the harsh contrast is still a bit annoyance to me. Used a filter from AK for wood, wich has a brownish orange tone and afterwards I went over with a heavily thinned brown wash from the MIG productions line. Always easy to have a lotta stuff on hand. Let it dry for a day or so I went on and started on the doors with artist oil paints. Winsor and Newton oils blended with Ammo odourless thinner. Used a burned umber to try to get the brownish tone back this cars original have, with a bit of fade that is..

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Regards Martin
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