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 Posted: Mon Aug 22nd, 2016 05:18 am
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Already weathered a couple of German boxcars in 1:32. Untill now all of these had a different year of build, slightly different design but do look almost the same. Plywood walls, aluminium or PVC roofing. Now on the bench a type Gmhs 53, what else, first year they build and delivered them hmmmmmmm let's say .'53 ? And with the Europ codes on the side it's not that old. Changed it in '61 to RIV codes I believe, correct me when I'm wrong. So let's say this one slipped through and didn't get the new codes. Customer rides between '55 and '70. Faded yeah , red-brown paint fades in 11 years time. Heavily rusted , guess no. Well maintained but never been painted again..maybe a small touch here and there but we'll see how that turns out. For now I painted the frame with 2 primers, AMMO trackrust and rust, nice dark brown, brownish colors like all the soot and dirt that goes on a boxcar frame. Added a couple of acrylic washes with a mixture of dark grey and rust thinned 50% with acrylic thinner just to darken it and enhance the details. Gave the springs a light rust wash, can't remember but I think around 5 layers. Remounted the upper body and started fading it, mixture of mat varnish, white and rust wash thinned 50% and spray painted layer over layer in random patterns. For todays last treatment I started with a grey acrylic wash and added some shadows and darkened the seams and the roof a bit. I'm a lucky guy for this one, can go as far as I want the customer says..

Same story on my blog

Regards Martin
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