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 Posted: Thu Jul 14th, 2016 01:31 am
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Howdy Lee. Yes, most of us appreciate rusty and grimy locos & cars (me included), BUT there are/were exceptions to "too rusty". One case, a narrow gauge logger, the West Side Lumber Co. repainted and repaired their locos & cars once a year while hauling logs was slow. Their Shays and log cars, etc. were kept in excellent shape and photos show this. There were others which kept things nice & clean but for some reason on a model it "just don't look right!"
It has taken me a while to change my personal preferences to funk, the road I model pretty much kept their stuff clean and un-rusty (there may have been exceptions however).
Don't let my BS affect how we view our models, I love rust, grime, dirt, and soot as much as the next guy...I just had to go through the "12 step program" of funkiness and you know how anal we can be!


BTW-this weathering thread is very nice, I rate the work as superb.

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