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 Posted: Fri Jul 8th, 2016 06:07 am
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Simple weathering with pinwashes, used an Athearn RtoR boxcar for this that I bought cheap on an expo.
Although the car had a nice green finish I'm a strong believer that paint fades rapidly oer time. So to start the fade.
Step 1: Used a mixture of Vallejo wash white and olive green to mix a light green color to fade, applied it with nd airbrush in several thin layers using the air out of the brush to speed dry the wash. I own a couple of double action brushes.
Step 2: Overall finish with a satin varnish (also Vallejo in this case)
Step 3: Start to pinwash on al the cravets, rivets and other deeper parts with a dark wash, used Ammo wash for Nato camouflage in this case.
Step 4: Remove the excess wash with a damp brush dipped in odourless thinner and dapped on a paper towel to remove the excess thinner. Clean the brush on the towel when needed
Step 5: Add streaks already by using a wide flat damp brush and wipe it gently over the surface.

Car is ready for more weathering steps..

Regards Martin
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