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 Posted: Mon Jul 4th, 2016 03:21 am
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Consider the two scale 1 project done, some final thingies added..maybe I can go a bit further but you have to stop at a time..

Added some graese to the puffers, AK burned jet engine pigment combined withe the shafts and bearings grease..

The other car I used a new Vallejo product for grease spills..

this looks ok to me to, same on the puffers combined with the burned jet engine pigment..

For the rest I darkened the steel frame a bit more on this car, has seen longer service. Using Panpastel raw umber extra dark..

Well that's it for this project, have 4 more to go so I start on 2 soon..
In the mean time I'm also working on a couple of 0 scale cars, from a German company called Brawa. Very nice and detailed and the come these screw couplers you just hae to add..

Pretty much a basic coat on this one using AK and Ammo trackrust primers. Sprayed on with and airbrush.
And now the pretty one, cool car but so yellow it hurts the eye.

You can see the factory yellow on the inside, faded it with a Vallejo white wash

Added a basic pin wash with an Ammo wash for DAK..bit on the brown dusty side..

That's it for today folks !!

Regards Martin
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