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 Posted: Sat Jul 2nd, 2016 12:55 am
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Milocomarty wrote:
Because of the Europ signage and the fact the car is build in 1960 and only 4 years in service before they changed it in to UIC markings I didn't wanna overdo this one.
Good point. With weathering, it is so easy to go further than you should.
My biggest challenge recently was weathering a coach to show it was very well used, but not too much so. That is much more difficult than it sounds, but you already have found that out for yourself.
Milocomarty wrote:
Taking AK's Shafts grease and Bearings I added some grease effect on the wheelpods..

WOW. I need to find some of that as I've never seen anything that has the grease look like that does!

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